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Windsor Learning Partnership Strategic Priorities 2015 - 16

Excellent Learning, Teaching and Leadership for All


The Windsor Learning Partnership is working to fulfil its vision through a work agenda built around a set of high-level strategic priorities. These priorities and actions related to them are tracked and reviewed regularly by the WLP Board.  As a new body, the strategic priorities at the stage are broad in nature.


1. School performance

Ensure the Trust’s academies are on track to be successful schools, with ambitious and achievable development plans to deliver progress and improvements, actively reviewed by Local Governing Bodies.

For Windsor Girls’ School:  ensure plans and systems are in place and being achieved to drive progress in learning and teaching and, in due course, maintain its OFSTED rating.

For The Windsor Boys’ School:  ensure plans and systems are in place and being achieved to bring about required improvements to learning and teaching, and to support the School with the School Improvement Partner to improve outcomes and, in due course, its OFSTED rating.


2. Key stage 5: Sixth-form provision

Exploit opportunities to deliver greater collaboration and consolidation of 6th Form provision across Windsor Girls’ School and The Windsor Boys’ School.  Deliver sustainable course provision, rewarding learning, and financial efficiencies and improved outcomes through collaborative course and resource management across both sites.Longer term, if and when required, explore viable solutions for a single site for 6th provision, and collaborations with other education partners in the Windsor area, alongside the Royal Borough’s strategy.


3. Key Stage 4 learning

Support each school’s development plan to achieve high levels of progress and attainment at KS4, including reducing the gap between pupil premium and non-pupil premium students, by promoting the sharing of best practice and innovative approaches to learning, teaching and tracking across WLP schools, and improving the transition from middle schools ahead of KS4.


4. Trust development

Engage and collaborate with the wider Windsor school community at both Trust and individual academy level, to improve the coherence of learning phases and school transition from ages 3-18 by promoting partnerships across schools and expanding the Trust when appropriate to further our vision of building a successful community of schools across the Windsor area.


5. Staff recruitment and development

Improve recruitment, retention, career development and succession planning opportunities across the Trust’s schools through a collaborative approach to provide a consistently excellent learning and teaching environment.


6. Student enrichment

Support sporting, arts, careers and other extra-curricular collaborations between schools, ensuring a good range of enrichment activities and, where appropriate, increased opportunities across the schools.


7. Finance

Ensure individual academies and the Trust as a whole are managed in accordance with their agreed financial budgets, and have a stable and sustainable financial position with effective financial controls and risk management systems.


8. Trust organisation and efficiency

Embed the Trust as a working organisation. Where required, harmonise systems and processes across the Trust’s academies to deliver effective information on educational standards and finance to the Board.  

Achieve efficiencies through collaborative management of supply contracts and support staff across academies.