The Duke of Edinburgh award

Duke of Edinburgh award 

The Duke of Edinburgh award is an internationally recognised award which aims to provide students with the opportunity to challenge themselves beyond the classroom and become the very best they can be. Our aim at Windsor Girls School is to provide all our students with the opportunity to complete a bespoke programme over the course of the award, where they can develop their resilience and teamwork skills as well as gain essential skills needed later in life. More information on the award can be found on their website


We are delighted here at Windsor Girls’ School to be able to offer all three levels of the Duke of Edinburgh award, Bronze, Silver and Gold to students in Year 9 – 13.  Furthermore, we are proud to be the largest in-house provider of the award in the Borough, meaning that for the Bronze and Silver award, all aspects of the award are managed by and run by staff at school. For the Gold Award, we partner with The Windsor Boys School and an external provider, Adventure Plus, to help deliver the award.


Due the success of the award at WGS, we have also been involved in launching DofE’s new campaign ‘DofE Difference’ which aims to demonstrate the impact the award has on both students and staff. This campaign was launched on their social media platforms and involved interviews with staff and students at the school. To find out more information on this campaign please click on the following link:


2020 Dates:



Bronze Practice 1: Saturday 25-Sunday 26 April 2020

Bronze Practice 2: Saturday 9 - Sunday 10 May 2020


Bronze Assessed 1: Friday 10 - Saturday 11 July 2020

Bronze Assessed 2: Sunday 12 - Monday 13 July 2020


Silver Practice: Friday 13 - Sunday 15 March 2020

Silver Assessed: Friday 26 - Sunday 28 June 2020


For more information, please contact:

Miss Castle – DofE Manager –

Mr Andrews – DofE Expedition Coordinator –


DofE student Ambassadors:

-          Molly Kemp (Year 12)

-          Rebecca Howard (Year 12)



As part of the award, students complete four sections:

-          Volunteering (once a week)

-          Skill (once a week)

-          Physical (once a week)

-          Expedition (one practice and one assessed)


Bronze Award:

Launching to Year 9 students in Term 6, the Bronze award is completed across a period of 6 months. Practice expeditions take place in April/May of Year 10 and assessed expeditions in July of Year 10.



Silver Award:

Launching to Year 11 students in Term 1, the Silver award is completed across a period of 6 months. The practice expedition takes place in March and the assessed expedition in June.


Gold Award:

Launching to Year 12 students in Term 1, the Gold award is completed across a period of 12 months. Partnered with TWBS, students complete a training weekend alongside a practice and assessed expedition.